Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Harvard’s Social Enterprise Conference. I went to two different panel sessions, but I learned much more from the second session titled “Serving real needs with the right solutions.”

The main idea that I took away from the panelists was that companies and organizations need to learn how to collect the right data from their customers and use the data correctly. Feedback loops were the most popular topic of conversation among all of the panelists. Essentially, these feedback loops collect data and are designed for companies to learn what they can do to improve efficiency and decrease costs to their customers.

Before attending this panel, I knew that communication from the company to the customer was important, but I did not realize how much effort goes into collecting and then utilizing the communicated information. Now, I am interested in learning more about feedback loops. I also want to continue to learn about design thinking, because companies often use design thinking to send out surveys and ask questions to their customers.